The Full Story

Marsha Dennis

I have lived in Utah my entire life. I love this state and the many beautiful environments that you can find here. As far back as I can remember, I have always had a desire to draw. As a child I had opportunities to be creative and make art. One of those opportunities was the local 4H club. There was a very kind artist that lived in my neighborhood who offered oil painting classes to children. I remember painting several oil paintings in her garage during the summers. 


I have a very talented sister who would draw or "doodle" on everything. I loved her creativity and the "creatures" that she would draw. I had asked her to show me how to draw horses. That lead to talking to a professional artist about my drawing who had visited my 4th grade class. He was very kind and encouraging. He helped further the spark and desire to become better. I took many art classes in Jr. high and high school. I used my art to express myself and I often gave away my art as gifts. My art is part of me and I found joy in sharing it with close friends. 

My education continued into collage where I earned a bachelors in art. I found a love for watercolors during the first year of college and had a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend; Max Bunnell. From that first year I have continued to paint, draw and improve my art. 


My vision for my art work is to continue to create a representation of what I experience; the places I am privileged to visit. I hope and aim to create something that moves not only myself but others as well. As I continue to paint, my skills will inevitably get stronger, and I will be able to continue to create beauty one painting at a time.

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